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Ranking and Accreditation Development Academy (RADA)

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RADA International (kvk 83917918) is a knowledge-based company with registration number 83917918 in the Netherlands, active in providing all national and international ranking and accreditation services to universities and hospitals.

Our Mission

The mission of the RADA International is to ensure high quality and most progressive services prepare universities and higher educational institutes to educate competent graduates utilizing the most progressive methods and standards. 

Our Vision

By 2025 RADA International will be recognized as one of the leaders in international ranking and accreditation arena by providing most tailored services and applying customized standards to enhance the quality in education and healthcare services

Ranking and Accreditation Development Academy (RADA)

RADA International is a global quality assurance agency for healthcare services and higher education located in the Netherlands, which offers complete package of international accreditation and ranking services. It provides ranking and quality services to universities (both medical and non-medical) and healthcare organizations. RADA is proud of its experienced international experts and applies the most updated and customized standards and criteria in international accreditation and ranking to meet the requirements of healthcare and higher education institutes for excellency in their area of activity worldwide.

RADA has provided trusted support by its international experienced professionals who have directly been involved with international accreditation and ranking processes in various settings and countries. Our team of expert academicians and their unique personal experiences from years of successfully applying and implementing accreditation and ranking procedures for various universities and hospitals along with the outstanding results we have been able to achieve are not only a testimonial to our skills and knowledge in this area, but also a promise and guarantee of significant improvement in your institutes’ quality, reputation, and rankings to achieve your goals.


RADA’s mission is to ensure the continuous quality and relevance of universities and hospitals through a truly international and contextualized rigorous quality and performance assessment framework, providing tailor-made counseling services, involving the practical experienced international experts and focusing on the creation of a robust quality and safety culture. In carrying out its responsibilities, RADA is committed to encourage high quality and most progressive services to:
• Prepare universities and higher educational institutes to educate competent graduates through focusing the most progressive methods and standards.
• Help universities to reach the highest international position they deserve in different international rankings through focusing on the performance indicators
• Provide hospitals quality assurance and accreditation services to improve their level of performance and quality of services in delivering of safe patient services.

Our main mission statement is the provision of high-quality services to the universities, higher educational institutions and hospitals internationally in order to support learning promotion as wells as quality of care and maintenance. We aim to prepare the best academic environment whereby faculty, staff and students work collectively to advance their knowledge and serve their community / society. RADA is committed to bringing innovation, excellency in higher education, teaching, research, patient care, quality and safety by way of tailored services to our communities, universities and hospitals.


RADA’s vision is to become a reference institute for providing international accreditation and ranking services for higher educational institutes, universities, healthcare organizations and hospitals worldwide. By 2028 RADA International aims to be recognized as one of the leading agencies in international accreditation and ranking arena by providing tailored services and applying customized standards towards enhancement of quality and safety in education and healthcare services. Excellency in education and healthcare services is RADA’s organizational value.

**Why RADA?**

RADA International offers universities and hospitals a comprehensive range of international accreditation and ranking services, ensuring that universities, hospitals, and their stakeholders significantly benefit from these trusted services. These services have been developed based on best practices in quality assurance, safety, and performance, comparing institutions locally, regionally, and globally, guaranteeing further improvement. This positions RADA to offer its accreditation with a firm commitment to the following features, making RADA unique in providing a new method and an outstanding strategy for the quality, safety, and performance of universities and hospitals worldwide.

In recent years, a growing number of universities and hospitals have sought international accreditation and ranking. There are only a few institutes that offer such services as a comprehensive package for quality assurance, safety, and internationalization, creating synergy for institutions. RADA truly offers comprehensive international services for accreditation and ranking.

Typically, accreditation institutes benefit from standards, measures, procedures, and surveyors from a specific country where they originated. RADA strives to engage experts from different countries and collaborates with international teams for surveys and assessments. RADA has also developed standards that align with the context of most countries where these standards should be applied. We work with the best in the field, employing a selective policy concerning the practical experiences and advanced knowledge of our reviewers.

RADA International understands the context within which a university or hospital operates and collaborates with experts and consultants with extensive international experience and knowledge of different higher education and healthcare systems. Our approach is tailored to the unique needs and circumstances of each institution, considering the current challenges in the world of higher education and healthcare.

RADA’s main activities

  • International rankings counseling to universities/schools and higher education/research organizations
  • International institutional and program accreditation (and counseling) of universities/schools and higher education/research organizations
  • International accreditation (and counseling) of hospitals and healthcare facilities
  • Development of tailored/customized criteria, standards, indicators and guidelines for quality assurance and accreditation of higher educational organizations and hospitals
  • Scientific collaboration in education and research projects on international accreditation and ranking
  • Organizing and offering international conferences and training workshops
  • Designing and providing short courses and degree programs based on international standards and indicators
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