Hospital Accreditation​


Accreditation is an independent external evaluation process that assesses the quality of services in order to encourage improved performance of an institute against pre-established and recognized standards, which aims to demonstrate its competence to carry out specific tasks. A robust accreditation – both for universities and hospitals (academic institutions and health care systems) – has three main components: an accreditation body, competence surveyors, and a package of standards; the combination of which make the system effectively guarantee the quality and safety of their performance towards meeting goals. RADA has a full package of accreditation services and counseling strategies for different types of health care facilities and higher educational institutes. Accreditation standards in both health care facilities and higher educational institutes are traditionally set at what are considered optimal achievable levels.

Hospital Accreditation

Hospitals play a crucial role in any society and healthcare system, and the quality of care and safety in hospitals is of great interest to the general public, governments, social welfare organizations, doctors, patients, insurance organizations, and more. The assurance, maintenance, and improvement of quality in hospitals are subjects of extensive debate in healthcare systems, and accreditation has proven to be a vital tool for achieving quality healthcare. Accreditation in healthcare involves an independent external review process that assesses the quality of services to encourage improved performance in healthcare organizations. Hospital accreditation is a recognized means to achieve these goals. It involves an external peer assessment process to accurately gauge a hospital’s performance level in relation to established standards and to implement continuous improvements in the quality of care and safety throughout the hospital. Hospital accreditation encompasses more than just standard-setting and evaluation; it also involves analytical, counseling, and self-improvement dimensions.

A robust hospital accreditation system comprises three main components: a qualified accreditation body, competent surveyors, and a comprehensive package of standards. The combination of these elements guarantees quality, safety, and performance goals in hospitals. RADA provides a full package of hospital accreditation services and counseling strategies for various types of hospitals, from general to specialized, and from small to large hospitals. We develop tailored standards to address the current challenges in the healthcare era and place a strong focus on fostering a culture of quality and safety within hospitals. We act as advisors, stimulating the improvement of the quality and safety of hospital activities by emphasizing a robust quality assurance and accreditation system.

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